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Московский Городской Психоэндокринологический Центр. Качественная медицинская помощь с использованием последних достижений в области психоэндокринологии, психотерапии и психиатрии.

Московский Городской Психоэндокринологический Центр. Качественная медицинская помощь с использованием последних достижений в области психоэндокринологии, психотерапии и психиатрии.

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E S S E N C E  C O D I N G  T H E O R Y

Published in the Collection of scientific works
Proceedings of the International Conference
"III-rd Millennium’s Valueology and Eniology"
© Yalta, 25-27 Dec. 2007 ® Simferopol, 2007

"The only meaning of life - improvement his immortal foundations...
All other forms of activities are meaningless in itself,
in connection with the inevitability of death..."

Leo Tolstoy

"And I saw another Angel fly in the midst of heaven, having the Everlasting Gospel
to preach unto them that dwell on the earth, and to every nation, and kindred,
and tongue, and people, saying with a loud voice, fear God, and give glory
to Him; for the hour of His judgment is come: and worship Him that
made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters...
And He That Sat Upon The Throne said,
behold, I make all things New..."

Revelation, 14:6,7 ; 21:5

(Please, excuse for some errors of machine translation from Russian)

The fact, that mankind has entered a New Era - an Era of Aquarius, known today to all, except modern "robinson crusoe", a tightly cut off from the civilized world with his legions of media.
Well, all the other people might be alive today witnessed an event of extreme importance: in our solar system that is running the evolutionary mechanisms, that ensure free access to energy-flow of human consciousness to the cosmos fine-field substances.
This process will occur long and hard at all, as its future growth and deeper, more open and violent opposition from involutional forces of World’s Entropy and Chaos.
Mankind was at a crossroads: on the one hand, the volume of its scientific knowledge has already reached the critical mass, which may well cause this an ideological revolution; on the other hand, to ensure that these new knowledge were evolutionary progress, not regress, now they need to be radically transformed, boldly entering into circulation of scientific discourse such metaphysical categories, as the "conscience", "honor", "dignity", "compassion", "morality", "spiritual culture", "spiritualising aesthetics", "awareness of the connection with the Higher Worlds"...
Early adoption of mankind adequate to today's realities the New World Outlook Paradigm (NWOP) should be made in people's consciousness a quantum jump, which alone is capable dramatically improve the spiritual and ethical status of our entire civilization, structuring it new levels of creative order and integrity; in the opposite case, actual arrival of the New Era, ruthlessly exposing the depth of the spiritual, ethical, and general cultural crisis of modern society, which inevitably turns to the beginning of the end of our civilization - its total spiritual and moral bankruptcy and the subsequent Involutional Collapse...
And all those who blindly and selfishly in many ways continues to impose his followers absurd dogma of any religion, are today a heavy responsibility for creating artificial barriers between faith and reason, between science and religion.For an objective study of the original utterances of the Founders and Prophets of the great religions and the social environments, in which they were obliged to carry out its Mission, gives rise to see them not dogmatists, and true Spiritual Reformers and Leaders Of The Evolutionary Process, fiercely contending with the surrounding inertia and hypocrisy:

"But woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye shut up
the kingdom of heaven against men: for ye neither go in
yourselves, neither suffer ye them
that are entering to go in!"

"Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye make clean
the outside of the cup and of the platter, but within
they are full of extortion and excess!"

"Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye are like
unto whited sepulchres, which indeed appear beautiful outward,
but are within full of dead men's bones, and of all uncleanness!"

Matthew, 23:13, 25, 27

There are many various reasons, because of which the urgent need adoption for people sane NWOP is already a prerequisite for survival of our civilization, but in terms of concept, they all boil down to just one: the archaic model of world order to which humanity is supposed to before, to construct even more or less adequate picture of the reality of today is no longer able to because of the lack in each of these hopelessly outmoded models necessary universality and integrity.
The fact that existing in the world of traditional religions (each individually and all of them) are no longer capable to adequately respond to the new spiritual and ethical, and cultural challenges of the era, wrote yet in the 19-th century Co-Founder (with Helena Petrovna Blavatskaya) and First President of the Theosophical Society, Colonel Olcott:

"Religious institutions of the world represent a genuine and universal feeling in the race just as really as any other institution. The accessory superstitions which have overgrown and perverted the religious sentiment must not be confounded with the religious sentiment itself. That this is done is a mischievous mistake, alike of religionists and anti-religionists. Science in clearing away these excrescences brings us always nearer the underlying Truth, and is therefore the handmaid and friend of True Religion… But in religion, as in all other departments of thought, the light cannot be seen until the clouds are cleared away. Primitive Truth is the light, theologies the clouds; and they are clouds still, though they glitter with all the hues of the spectrum. Fetish worship, animal worship, hero worship, ancestor worship, nature worship, book worship; polytheism, monotheism, theism, deism, atheism, materialism (which includes positivism), agnosticism; the blind adoration of the idol, the blind adoration of the crucible - these are the Alpha and the Omega of human religious thought, the measure of relative spiritual blindness.
Like man his religion has its ages; first, proclamation, propagandism, martyrdom; second conquest, faith; third, neglect, self-criticism; fourth, decadence, tenacious formalism; fifth, hypocrisy; sixth, compromise; seventh, decay and extinction...
All these hatreds, bitternesses and cruel reprisals of sect for sect, and world’s faith for world’s faith, show that men mistake the non-essentials for essentials, illusions for realities…
I am devoted enough to Science to deny, with all the emphasis I can give to words, the fact that a miraculous phenomenon ever took place, in this age or any age. Whatever has ever occurred must have done so within the operation of natural law. To suppose anything else would be equivalent to saying that there is no permanency in the Laws Of The Universe, but that they can be set aside and played with at the caprice of an irresponsible and meddlesome Power. We should be in a universe going by jerks, started and stopped like a clock that a child is playing with. This supernaturalism is the curse of all creeds, it hangs like an incubus around the neck of the religions and hatches the satire of the sceptic; it is the dry-rot that eats out the heart of any faith that builds upon it. This it is which, carried in the body of a church, foredooms it to ultimate destruction as surely as the hidden cancer carried in the human system will one day kill it…
Supernatural religions are going down in every land, melting before the laboratory fires like waxen images. No, when I stand forth as the defender of Hinduism, Buddhism or Zoroastrianism, I wish it understood that I do not claim any respect or tolerance for them outside the limits of natural law, I believe - nay I know - that their foundation is a scientific one, and on those conditions they must stand or fall so far as I am concerned. I do not say they are in equally close reconciliation with science, but I do say that whatever foundation they have, whether broad or narrow, long or short, is and must be a scientific one...
We come not to pull down or destroy, but to rebuild the strong fabric of Religion. We ask you to help us to set it up again, not on the shifting and treacherous sands of blind faith, but upon the rocky base of Truth, and to cement its separate stones together with the strong cement of Modern Science…
Our work requires the services of men who, seeing the lamentable religious state of the world - seeing noble faiths debased, temples, churches, and holy shrines thronged by hypocrites and mockers - burn with a desire to rekindle the fires of spirituality and morality upon the polluted Altars…"

Henry Steel Olcott, "The Common Foundation of all Religions"

A characteristic feature of the New Era exactly is that, what any unilateral (theological, esoteric, philosophical, sociological, psychological, cultural, art history, natural science, economic, technological etc) approaches, in the aspect of the definition of sanity-adequate (spiritually oriented) vector of development of modern society, today are already counterproductive, inevitably starts a humanity in the depths of civilizational impasse and thus - in the swamps of ethical degradation, out of which modern people can only through a radical expansion of his philosophical outlook to the extent of allowing them to update to realize their true place and purpose in the general space evolutionary process.
So, completely realistic today we can recognize only a such meta-universal (globally concepting) world outlook paradigm, in wish precise scientific testimony harmonizes with the transcendental argument of faith and personal experiences of mystical experience and creative inspiration is rooted in the depths of Middle Spiritual Tradition and world's Cultural Heritage. In other words, III - rd Millennium’s NWOP is intended to organically synthesize and converge to its bosom religion and science, philosophy and mythology, art and mysticism: theology, spirituality, science, art and culture, in the context of NWOP, have already closely interact and walk together hand in hand.

As we see, not the slightest doubt, that the uncontested acceptance of NWOP is now a necessity. And as the priority here should be considered the task of developing an ethical basis of NWOP in the discourse is not so much have a purely theological (which "outdated" forms in the modern realities of anachronistic polytheism and intractable interfaith conflicts is extremely dangerous), but the discourse of the scientific-cultural. In other words, meta-universal (single and common to all mankind) the ethical basis of the NWOP should be now much less "a prophet-theo-centric" (traditional-religious), and much more "science-cultural-capacious".
In this case, the notion of "religious" in referred discourse will not subjected to a certain "spiritual devaluation", but just the opposite - acquire in its context own originally-ontological significance and such true existential meaning, which is now almost completely lost, or at least case of very distorted.
But this issue is discussed in detail in the article "Theological and Philosophical aspects of The Essence Coding Theory", which clearly shows that the central and crucial in the ethical-theological sphere is the category of "Conscience" (latin "Conscientia", russian "Sovest").
And already the basis of all this, start the above-mentioned scientific-cultural discourse, we should now be from that basic-fundamentally concepts.
So, if we come to study various aspects of the category of "conscience" from the standpoint of a strictly scientific and deep culture, but will at the same time consistently regard in the coordinates and angles are not profane-worldly (as prescribed by the modern society desacralised set of directives to harmonize actions of people with some formal "ethical norms and rules") in essential-ontological (or gist-causal), we naturally come to the inescapable conclusion, that all the ethical motivation of people gain legitimacy only "under the jurisdiction" of some objectively existing in Nature and the continuous current "The Law of Conscience", which has scientifically verifiable energy-informational character (it consistently grounded in article "The Law of Conscience as The Universal Energy-Informational Law of Universe") and based on a complex algorithm for the Essential Interaction ("Co", russian "So") between the internal information structure of the person and external Evolutionary guiding influence, transmitted by the Channel of Essential Communication (russian "Vest" - "News", "Message"...)...

And of course, particularly important for us here is precisely the unexpected and radical new fact that, paradoxically, the study of mechanisms of The Law of Conscience as a priority within the competence of medicine and natural sciences: psychoendocrinology, neurophysiology, wave genetics, cognitive neuroscience, bio-vacuum informatics, physics of torsion fields...
Is it connected with the fact that The Law of Conscience is respected or violated human beings not because they are not formally comply with or violating any ethical rules and regulations of society (which has, of course, an important point for most of this society, but ontologically represent a subjective-mediated factor), but due to the fact, that everyone causal compliance or violates the above-mentioned algorithm is the essential interactions and causal support or not support a clean and open its own Channel of Essential Communication, what is already a factor of primary objective, so - instantly and perfectly accurate registered by using of the highest enio-evolution technologies.
And so, exactly the result of applying these highest enio-evolution technologies is just and can be (of course, in certain deterministic limits) empirical verification with the help of modern medical and natural science methods - as part of the new peer-reviewed scientific discipline, which conditionally can be called "ethical eniology".
Here to only necessary to distinguish, without confusing them with each other, the notion of "verification" and "impact", because the scientific tools of medicine and science enable us many attributes of The Law of Conscience comprehensively study and deep enough to comprehend, but now properly act on them alone is capable of only the subtlest tools highly spiritual art-humanitarian practices and humanistic oriented psycho-trainings, based, in turn, on extensive research in the field of deep semiotics, sociology, cultural studies, art and several other humanities disciplines.

Further, since the real motives of high moral standards of conduct can take place only where is an unconditional belief in a Higher (not "unworldly") Justice, the crown of which is worthy of reward (or a fair punishment) for the ethically perfect (or, respectively, ethically perverse) earthly existence, then for a valid definition of the ethical basis of NWOP mandatory scientific verification procedure should be well and all that involves the identification of the quite real (that is, the status onto-being, not a metaphor) the Essential Immortality.
And this very important problem, in the context of the NWOP, should be dealt with such disciplines as clinical and psychological thanatology, as well as new special scientific discipline - eniological thanatology, designed to give clear and precise answer to the question: what's going on with the subtle energy-information substance, which is called "immortal soul" of man or his "imperishable substance" after this substance possessor's biological death on the physical plane?

Well, because (and we have seen) without a clear definition of various "core specifications" can not do any "ethical eniology" or "eniological thanatology", we, in the context of NWOP, also to do academic transcript of the concept "essential parameters of human".
Starting this mapping we need to identify the most important human qualities, which, in the context of NWOP, pose the greatest evolutionary significance, and, therefore, necessarily fall under the "evolutionary jurisdiction" of immutable The Law of Conscience (Torah, Dharma, Tao, Fard...), which is written in the Bible: "His delight is in The Law Of The LORD" (Psalm, 1:2); "I will put My Law in their inward parts, and write It in their hearts..." (Jeremiah, 31:33); "I will put My Spirit within you and cause you to walk in My statutes, and you will keep My judgments and do them." (Ezekiel, 36:27).

To proceed the same here we need from the fact, that modern Evolutionary Science confers to man the status of free self-organizing management in Hierarchy of the Single World Consciousness, and positioning it as an evolving coworkers Higher Will, designed (mostly - his creative work) to develop new (in the first place - subtle) measurements of a multidimensional and multi-level Space of Genesis, and when doing so voluntary efforts to harmonize the chaos and patient inspiration (thinning) of rough matter - meaningful increase in the number and quality of its information content (in terms of bioenergyinformatics – "the vitality")...
Such high evolutionary requirements in relation to a person due to the fact, that, according to modern scientific ideas, all systems in the Universe, including the man himself, regulated not only known to us the energy factor, but not verifiable in the natural sciences experiments without entropy information fields of causal-semantic nature, interact with which people can only through the creative, that can advance the development of evolutionary processes, to show the new, yet hidden "existential sense" to realize more and more organic and complex ideological integrity.
Among other things, this epistemology, for example, endows imagination features the finest human body perception, through which people may come into contact with the world of not manifested ideas and images: through the imagination of our minds takes these ideas in themselves and transforms them into manifestation...
What then a "essential parameters", that guarantee (because of its special evolutionary significance), acquisition of the essential immortality of human beings, must have these people for the successful implementation of mandated by the evolution of the mission, which includes holding various anti-entropy shares and spiritual sanation "activities to inculcate to the society foundations of a "mental health" and the integral skills of thinking, competent problem-solving "spiritual ecology" (which is associated primarily with the need for purification of Universal Sacred Center and the elimination of an increasingly dangerous threat to the greenhouse effect, spirituality), generating high-vibration flows of Love (as Meta-principle of the Evolutionary Super- aggregation), and subtle energy of Beauty (as the Excess-Idea of Evolution, which determines the vector backbone of its development)?
Naturally, of course, that in addition to requisite qualities, those related to purely traditional ethic (such as "honor", "dignity", "nobility", "compassion", "empathy", "justice", "egoless", etc., should be classified as many others: "trainability", "creativity," "hardworking", "imagination", "will power", "integrated thinking", "cultural-aesthetic development"...
Very useful in evolutionary regarding the essential qualities of a human should also recognize the openness to everything new, the willingness to radical philosophical change, the focus on constantly deepening fundamentalization knowledge, aiming at the creation of various innovative products, the possession of a powerful causal principle, as well as the identity and scope of thinking the absolute necessity of which is determined from the logical point of view built on the methodology of Psycho- synthesis in the Concept of Organismic Process, which, in essence, is the Metaphysical Basis of NWOP.
So, it is set above (the most evolutionarily significant) qualities we will call a "essential", relating them, respectively, to the sphere of essentially-evolutionary ethics...
Well, now that we have already defined with the semantic content of Conscience Act and outlined the Realm of Evolutionary Ethics, the key for us has become a question of scientific verification mechanisms of essential (evolutionary-ethics) control, with it proper identification as soon as possible the public's faith in the guarantee of execution of the Law Of Conscience.
In this case, it is clear that the discovery of such control itself would be a priori convincing proof of the existence of some higher test institute, and no traceability on the earthly plane direct and immediate link between the logically expected results of these controls and their visible physical effects (the fact that the majority of our contemporaries accepted in the order of things) would be evidence of the metaphysical (ie, spiritual) values of the control.
Of course, some attempts to strictly scientific explanation of the essential mechanisms of action (the evolutionary ethics) control and regulate people's behavior in the scientific world has repeatedly been made, well and most prominent among them was "muon theory" put forward by the scientists of the Joint Institute of Physics in Geneva, which, in Indeed, said that the elementary particles as muons de times and are the most "tangible building blocks of good and evil," of which, supposedly, built karmic connection between human actions and their consequences.
But in fact for us is absolutely clear, that the competence of physics, like any other natural science discipline, addressing ethical content can not enter, and that the proper study of the human psychic sphere should deal exclusively with qualified psychologists and psychiatrists, are closely connected in their daily practice of those rare psi-factors and with the specific psy-management (including clinical) which alone can only provide an opportunity for these professionals is much deeper than others, to look into the deepest corners of the human mind.
Consequently, valid scientific theory of the essential controls must be based on clearly-reliable empirical data obtained during the medical-psychological studies of extra-professional level.
Well, then, is such a theory is precisely Essence Coding Theory, in short - ECT.

What is the ECT and what are the prerequisites for its occurrence?

First, it must be said that the basis of ECT lay all the most important discoveries of recent years in the field of medicine, physiology and natural sciences.:

Theory of physical vacuum.

Theory of torsion consciousness.

Theory of the axion field.

Theory of bio-gravitational field, bio-resonance and bio-vacuum.

Theory of Quantum Neurocomputing based on "Orch OR" Model of Consciousness.

The concept of information-distant intercellular interactions.

The Doctrine of Bio-energy-informatic on the basis of mathematical (probabilistic-multiplicative) semantics and Vitality Model of the Universe.

Advances in the psychoneuroendocrinology and psychoneuroimmunology.

Advances in the linguistic/wave genetics.

Advances in the regenerative surgery.

Advances in the field of clinical and psychological thanatology.

Advances in cognitive neuroscience.

The author’s extensive research investigations in the field of philosophy, theology, psychology, sociology, cultural science, economics, law, semiotics, art studies, linguistics, parapsychology, alternative history, cerealogy also played important role in creation of the ECT...

But the central and crucial to the establishment of the ECT was, of course, scientific meta-hypothesis of situational hormonal codes, proposed by the eminent psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, Doctor of Medical Sciences, founder of Soviet&Russia school of psycho-neuro-endocrinology, Professor Aron Isaakovich Belkin.

Thus, the main of professor A. I. Belkin's scientific meta-hypothesis of situational hormonal codes are as follows:

01. Research in psychoneuroendocrinology area allow us to consider the brain as the largest endocrine gland. It was also established that in almost all vital organs and tissues of the human body are nerve cells of APUD-system, that generate huge amount of peptide hormones and biogenic amines involved in the processes of human learning, the formation of his ethically and socially conditioned installations.

02. Long-term studies of psychotropic properties of the neuropeptid hormones suggest that they are the primary influence on the motivations, desires, impulses and emotional reactions of people. A number of psychopathological phenomena, unconscious subject and emerging without apparent external cause, in the experiment show a link with hormones. Even in situations, where the basic information structure governing human behavior is the chromosome-gene system, in the implementation of appropriate programs involved hormonal information, always performs the role of the activator, or modulator brake specific behavioral responses, and sometimes its energy base. Such an effect of the hormone as a mediator between the stimuli of the environment (situation) and the nature of the response (time of onset of reaction, its strength, focus, etc.) reduces the hardness of genetically programmed human behavior and increases the degree of freedom.

03. The active influence of hormones on the spiritual and social activities of man also says the experience of the combination hormone therapy with psychoanalytically oriented: reliably identified, that hormones are a source of non-verbalized information giving personal coloring of the situation, making it emotional and semantic overtones, enhancing translation non-verbalized information to the verbalized knowledge.

04. Participation of the hormone in implementing the changes in the somatic and mental health problems associated with the binary hormonal effect. The essence of the latter is that, by delivering information to the brain, a molecule of the hormone not only generates the appropriate behavioral response of man, but also ensures its implementation at the level of the whole organism. In this case, about the binarity action of a hormone can speak only in cases where the mental changes and physical changes are synchronized in time and aimed at achieving the same ultimate goal - to adapt the organism. In a clinical and psychological practice is mounting evidence that as determinant of information hormones act only in those situations, an important element of which is an active social human activity.

05. As an information agent, the hormone has two main characteristics: content, determined by the situation, which has a personality, and values, based on past experience of the individual. Without these two characteristics the hormone is "blind", because its impact on the psyche of man manifested only in individually significant for human situations. There is every reason to believe that the awareness of a situation and develop appropriate solutions to them is responsible neuropeptides.

06. A number of neuropeptides (eg, TRH) can be effective only if accompanied by a verbal, that is the word most actively promotes and creates the necessary conditions for the transfer of an information package, contained in a speech to the information code of the hormone.

07. Bilateral asymmetric hemispheric relationship R (Ratio) and E (Emotio) subsystems of the brain is being implemented in each of essential situation with specific material carriers of information, capable of delivering it in both directions: from R to E and vice versa, as well as within the cerebral hemispheres. Thus, the problem of the correlation of conscious and unconscious in human behavior can be interpreted as a problem of communication between information systems R and E, mainly as a problem of establishing R-system control over the E-system. Simultaneously it is clear, that verbal therapy, ie the technique of suggestion to the patient thought about the need to change their behavior, is aimed, in fact, the transfer of additional R-information needed to build the right E-models that are adequate to a particular situation. Information link from R to E, giving the emotional, sensory-shaped model of human behavior through the rational-verbal model is carried out through neuropeptide hormones.

08. Since a variety of binary patterns, as well as themselves the essential situations in people's lives is not limited, then a great deal to be situational and various functions in peptide hormones, from what has to be assumed, that there are certain codes or ciphers to recognize the types neuropeptide hormones in accordance with the character more or less clearly defined types of behavior situations.

09. Explanation of neuropeptide codes, provided that each neuropeptide hormones will be treated as "word" or "mark" a certain dignity to the "envelope", which sent a rational model of the R-subsystem in the E-subsystem is one of the most important tasks of modern Psychoneuroendocrinology.

A detailed analysis (based on the ECT) outstanding research in the area of psychoneuroendocrinology, which were conducted by professor A. I. Belkin, as well as my comments to them can be found among the materials placed on my website. And in the framework of this brief article, special attention we should pay some of the most important and urgent for us (in the aspect of the ECT), the provisions of this analysis:

01. A man with his conscious and unconscious sphere represents an integrated information system, organically included in The Global Information Field of The Universe. However, since all modern theories of consciousness one way or another come from bioplasmic representations and rely on the relationship of the organism with the physical vacuum and without entropy (semantic) fields, then, in terms of eniology, the notion of "unconscious" may be associated with informational biofield, and mechanisms of interaction between the conscious and unconscious spheres of the human psyche can be reduced to the mechanisms of interaction of the processes of human thinking with the field bio- energy-informational structures.

02. Since Professor Belkin writes mostly about information effects of hormones in situations involving the essential scope of rights (the "spiritual activity", "learning processes", "formation of social attitudes", etc.), then under the "situation" in the writings of A. I. Belkin we should understand namely "the essential situation", which, in terms of ekosofic, have a priority relationship is to last and highest of the three main spheres of human activity, which are bio-physical, psycho-emotional and energy-intellectual..

03. There is no doubt that the endocrine system of the human body interacts closely with the staff of its central nervous system (CNS): It was found, for example, that the peak emission of APUD-system produces hormones restructuring of the entire CNS; revealed that the peak emission APUD-system produces hormones restructure the entire CNS; open phenomenon of neurosecretion, when the same cells are also producers of hormones and elements of the nerve centers; discovered neurotransmitter function of some hormones. The brain is not without reason called the largest endocrine gland, the source of neurohormones endterinovoy system. Even in the cerebral cortex there are cells of the diffuse endocrine system, producing neuropeptide hormones such as somatostatin. Well as from the standpoint of cognitive neuroscience and NLP in the structure of the nervous system encrypted whole "emotional history" the essential human experience.

04. By means of DNA-binding domain of their specific receptors, hormones (including neyropeptides) interact with genomic DNA. And since this is already known, that codes-bearing structures of nerve impulses, in addition to purely wave information (sign-depolarizing frequency modulation), can also display the semantic gene-texts of RNA and DNA, it becomes also clear mechanisms for implementation in the human organism the genome-hormonal interaction.

05. Because of the works of Professor A. I. Belkin it follows, that neuropeptides specialize in a variety of essential types of situations, then it seems reasonable assumption, that the precision and hyperfine mechanisms APUD system must necessarily produce such kinds of neuropeptides, which specializes in extremely important for our research ethically conditioned situations, ie situations ontogenetically related to the category of "Conscience" and all its derivatives.

06. All this finds its correlates in the field of depth semiotics, in terms of which, the essence of man - is probabilistically defined manifestation of semantic field as such (derived from the category of "Conscience") ethical qualities, such as "honor" and "dignity", implemented due to the ability of evolution of a mature personality spontaneously generate in acute situations, the essential non-trivial "semantic filters", which alone only allow it to remain the essential individuality, and then give it to qualify for the essential immortality.

07. Mechanism of R-E neuroprocessing good explanation even such purely ethical phenomena as the "pangs of conscience". The fact, that the implementation of the binary patterns of behavior in the specific essential situations, gives people a certain sense of satisfaction, that represents in the human's information structure condition, which signals about an ethically proper authorization in essentially-conflict situation. Obviously, such an alarm shall be carried out under the scheme E-R, and we have every reason to suppose that in the information communication from E to R involved specific physical media - a bio agents have endorphins similar properties.

08. Binary action of hormones as the Determinants of Conscience a good correlation with the practice of everyday life of society, where ethical motivation is also provided on one side - the presence in each person genetically predetermined control system for the implementation of The Law of Conscience (Inner Censor, Superego), and on the other hand - the availability of information for every civilized man written and oral instructions emanating from the various moral authority, spiritual teachings, religious doctrines, moral codes.

09. Since the human body is a totally integrated and interconnected information system, the proper functioning of The Law of Conscience is provided in its complex. On the one hand, advances in recent years in the field of wave genetics allow us to speak about exobiological control of vital activity, where as taking-transmitting antennas, through which this control is exercised, are considered liquid crystals from human genome, creating of its dynamically changing topology a continuum of holograms and holographic gratings. Such control is possible precisely, because virtually all elements of the genetic apparatus - it is an optically active structure, rotating the plane of polarized light, which means having a torsion-field attributiveness. On the other hand, the role of "antenna" for exo-psychological control at the stage of the essential R-E performs upper appendage of the brain - the pineal gland or epiphysis, which receives external information flows, recognize them and carefully analyzes. This information is then entered comes to realize the hypothalam-pituitary and other departments of the neuroendocrine system of the organism, and from there transferred to back a wave of the human genome, thus closing the full Essentially-Information Cycle.

10. From the clinically proven fact, that the hormones are beginning to effectively influence the patients as soon as in the case of applications from the latest willpower, motivation due to the essential order, and that the binary action of hormones depends on synchronized in time and aimed at achieving the same ultimate goal - an evolutionary human adaptation (including: educational, ethical and social), we can conclude that as information determinants hormones act precisely as an element of well-established mechanism of action for people by the higher towards them Evolutionary Directing Forces (EDF).

11. It should be understood, that the relationship between an essentially-hormonal status of man and his behavioral responses on the essential level should be, as in all other natural systems, the character of feedback information link, in this case - positive. This means, that not only hormonal codes to affect on the essential behavior of human, but also the essential human behavior structures (to be exact - to activate) is quite certain hormone-information codes, thus providing a mechanism for launching the essential coding in the primary (hormonal) level. And here we come, finally, to the basal-key conclusion, that, together with the evolutionary-directional influence, by EDF is also carried out and strict essential (evolutionary-ethics) control the behavior of each person.

Various natural science and the purely humanitarian (philosophical, psychological, sociological, esoteric, semiotic, etc.) aspects of the ECT is investigated in detail in my other articles.
Well, on the basis of the foregoing, and taking into account the specific (explaining and detailing the principles of operation of different ECT-mechanisms), the results of natural science and humanities research, now can be formulated the most important and key ECT-abstracts:




I. The human organism with its genetic apparatus, nervous, endocrine, immune, humoral and other systems represents a single uniform, extremely complex and developed Information-Network Structure (INS), being under constant exobiological control by the Evolutionary Directing Forces (EDF).

II. INS also includes a full range of all human psychosphere, which functions under specific coding mechanisms (though not clearly realizable by people, but quite real, that is scientifically well verified and substantially identified), having in the body of each person their own precisely defined physical substrate.

III. Along with exobiological control, each person is also subject to exopsychological control by EDF, effected so that people could most effectively modify and develop their evolving, first and foremost – ethical one.



"When it becomes clear what is true morality,
it becomes clear and everything else."


01. The ECT concept clearly differentiates three ethical levels:

a) Ethics of the first level is completely unconscious and exclusively conditioned by energy-information management by EDF, i.e. its is a consequence of the purely energy-information component of the Law of Conscience.

This type of ethics is also characteristic for many species of animals, which is especially evident in a variety of extreme and unusual situations when animals suddenly begin to show mercy even to their natural enemies and competitors.

As another example, expression of the nature of this external energy-information management can point to the phenomenon of "will of the population", when sufficiently large populations of animals (flocks, herds, troops, colonies...), without leaders, clearly and smoothly fulfill some unknown "commands", which are perceived animals it is only "collective", that is, the entire group as a whole, and which are thus an imperative priority over "individual" instincts of each individual specimen, ready on "command from above", without thinking, to sacrifice himself for the whole population.

b) Ethics of the second level, though being quite deliberate, but is determined not by efforts of people, not their ability to suppress their own selfish impulses and other negative trends, but certain "innate nobility" - positive ethical attitudes (such as a sense of aversion to injustice), which partly can be attributed to factors of human socialization, but most are already fixed and embodied in their genes, making moral behavior at this level of ethics governed automatically - through spontaneous selective activation of certain parts and sections of their brain: cingulat gyrus, ventral striatum, an islet (insula), shell (putamen), amygdala, etc.

Therefore, in terms of ECT, this ethic is interesting in the aspect of its "atypical fluctuations", that is consciously-willed lowering or raising by people of the "bar" of its initial setting.

c) Ethics of the third level is fully realized. It involves considerable willpower, focuses on adequate response to intellectually and morally complicated (unusual) situations, and aims to solve rather extensive evolutionary problems. This ethic is conditioned by work of any individual parts of the brain, but is a derivative of all its activities as a whole, that is it is dependent on the overall level of its activity and energy consumption, which can reach 99% of all its energy needs, because of the need for continuous and adequate maintenance by the brain of the state of full awareness, attained through appropriate and timely inclusion of all its structures, parts, regions, portions and sections.

In the context of ECT, Ethics the third level is of special interest, since it plays the principal role in the progress (including - general ethical) of the whole human civilization and defines its own (but not "gifted from above", "obtained by inheritance" or due to "will of population") ethical merits of each individual, characterizing him as self-spiritual personality, actually capable to rise to higher levels of evolutionary development.

This ethic, priority operating parameters of the essential level, we shall call "passionary-evolutionary", because of its central imperative: "In each situation must act with the greatest possible benefit for the Divine Evolution!"

Specified imperative corresponds to the First and Greatest biblical commandment: "You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might" (Deuteronomy, 6:5)

In Christian ethics, this First Commandment to add the words: "and with all your mind" (Mark 12:30), in the same passionary-evolutionary ethics to it also adds the words: "and the whole light of your knowledge".

Well those their "neighbors", which prescribes "to love as yourself" The Second Biblical Commandment, from the perspective of evolutionary ethics are recognized for the person only people are susceptible to the leadership of Divine Providence, that is, those who have duly performed the The First Biblical Commandment, and therefore in each situation acts with the greatest possible benefit for the Divine Evolution.

It is clear, that this criterion can be considered "neighbors" and also all those people, whose actions bring the greatest possible benefit for the Evolution of situations, regulated by ethical standards not only of the third, but the first two levels; this rating scale is fully consistent with the Christian principle: "From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked" (Luke, 12:48).

Thus, passionary-evolutionary ethics in the context of ECT inherits the Christian ethic of grace, salvation and transformation, that is, the ethics of creative ascension (sublimation) to the transcendent "Image and Likeness of God", which therefore falls within the competence namely of Sublimation Psychology, associated with the phenomena of "essential transmutation".

02. Essential parameters of rights determined by such qualities and characteristics as the "conscience", "honor", "dignity", "creativity", "freedom and independence of mind", "originality and scope of thinking", "openness to everything new," "commitment to drastic philosophical change", "focus on the ever-widening fundamentalization knowledge", "focus on the development of various innovative products", "possession of a strong causal principle" and so on, are exposed to bioinformatics coding according queries program, which has already initially (on the wave level) lies in the human genome, which is a DNA wave bio-computers, system opened in cyberspace information field (spin-torsion) structures of the physical vacuum.

03. Sampling Program of the human genome, according to which the mechanism works the essential coding, is designed to encourage people to substance growth and evolutionary improvement.

The operation of this program is under the constant supervision of the EDF, who oversees the process of evolutionary development of the people, providing each person internal "guidance system" aimed at optimizing its essential growth.

04. Human behavior in each situation permissibility adequately recorded in the initial bioinformatics coding, which, with the active participation of the apparatus of the central nervous system (CNS), carried out through the appropriate codification of the various, depending on the permissibility of the situation, neuropeptid hormones priority produced by endocrine glands of the brain – neurosecretory nuclei of the hypothalamus, pituitary, pineal gland. The most important of these hormones, in the context of the ECT, we should recognize the nine members neuropituitary nanopeptides - oxytocin and vasopressin, as well as some others, specializing in ethically conditioned situations, ie situations ontogenetically related to the category of "conscience" and all its derivatives.

In the same as information determinants hormones act precisely as elements of well-defined mechanism of evolutionary impact on people from the EDF.

05. Basic principles of the mechanism of the essential coding on the primary (hormonal) stages are as follows:

a) Human behavior in each specific type of situation is conducive to the essential, starting with bodily-emotional level, production of diffuse-endocrine APUD-system of the body of the peptide hormones and biogenic amines, involved in the essentially human ontogenesis (in the process of learning, comprehension of life position, forming moral principles, etc.) and which have for each type of defining the essential situation is quite certain bioinformatics codes.

b) Primary activation of the hormonal codes in the case of sufficient tightness (pronounced and stable repeatability) of any evolutionarily significant patterns of the essential human behavior.

06. The overall chain initially-specified code transformations, organized with the principles of hierarchy and feedback data communication is carried out by the scheme: catfish (areas of the body, internal organs and tissues of the body) - peripheral endocrine gland - tropic hormone - peptide hormone - the psyche (the complex functions of the brain and other parts of the CNS responsible for the essential human behavior).

This, from the standpoint of basic units of cognitive neuroscience and methodological developments of NLP in the structure of the nervous system already encrypted whole "emotional history" the essential human experience.

07. Full (finished) cycle of the essential coding is a phased generalization of a single, but very complex (multilevel, polymorphic, polyreactive, fractal-structured) process, implemented with the help of a whole system of algorithms for the encryption of its specific mechanism.

08. In the mathematical apparatus of the essential mechanism’s digital component used for encoding complementary binary code, consisting of the digits "1" and "0" (on the evolutionary epistemological principle of Kolmogorov), and the encoding process is carried out on the essential coding a complex sextuple-nonary algorithm, reflecting the antithesis of the "earth-heaven" and implemented through the accumulation of mutual annihilated (karma antipodal) elements - material "gravitons" and spiritual "photons".

In this algorithm involved and both are applied a combination of two coding schemes:

a) nonary scheme of intellectual and psychological motivation (for Enneagram and the matrix of Pythagoras with elements of "Ars magna", "Penrose tiling" and "Tree of Life" Kabbalah Numerology, which include the ternary-sextuple system of cultivation "Flower of Life")

b) binary-sextuple scheme of situational selection (by Yin-Yang and I-Ching).

In turn, the mathematical algorithm sextuple-nonary ECT-coding is based on the ternary principle, (3x2, 3x3), reflecting the general trend of preference for objective coding of incoming information through three-graded signs of three-parameter mechanisms and reliable fixation of periodic events in their threefold repetition, which is well traced in different patterns of thinking and dominate the known phenomena of culture, art and the unconscious sphere. This ternary principle is presented in three ECT code entries, organized "under the Sudoku-scheme", and here is correlated with the three-factor semantic space, three-dimensionality of perceptual world and a three-level signaling system of the organism - insensitive, sensory and semiotic.

09. Full semiotic (sign-symbolic) system is the essential coding, along with the purely mathematical (numerical) algorithms, also includes elements of the figurative meaning: typographic-schematic and color structures, multislice and fractal hierarchical constructs, linguistic texts, sounding melodic-rhythm-harmonic sequences etc. But all of these elements, eventually, also reduce to a certain digital codes, the same way as in the modern technical devices to digital codes reduces all sorts of graphics, audio, video and any other information.

10. The process of primary essential coding is controlled by the staff of the human CNS and optimized by its APUD-system, which, in turn, is governed by the internal ultra-precise sensors of electromagnetic radiation of the human body, generated by ultra-low radiation of individual cells and be conventionized by his supersensitive distant-information intercellular interactions.

11. Involvement in the process of hormonal coding virtually all vital organs and tissues of the human organism is provided with presence at all these organs and tissues the nerve cells of APUD-system as well as very fast and efficient dissemination of various kod-bearing agents throughout the human body, together with the total blood flow (humoral).

Cells of the diffuse endocrine system, producing neuropeptide hormones such as somatostatin, are also present in the cerebral hemispheres of the brain, which only confirms his status as the central organ of the neuroendocrine regulation.

12. One of the key points of all holistic essential coding process is the phase of hormone-genomic interaction, in which formed the essential component of the genomic coding. This component represents the highest level of genomic coding, given that at its lowest level consistent with the initial stage of the biosynthesis of proteins involved in already well-studied genetics "canonical" mechanism of the triplet encoding by the amino acid nucleotides.

Hormone-genomic interaction on the essential level is as follows:

a) Hormones (including - neyropeptidnye) and other neurotransmitters interact with the chromosome apparatus of brain neurons by means of DNA-binding domain of their specific receptors. Because of this interaction, on the essential level there is an activation wave component of the human genome: under the influence of "good" essential codes, to generate a man in his daily essential-evolutionary activity and transmitted to the genomic DNA by kod-bearing hormones, of the human genome load in its vital information system and run it in operation are "dormant" evolutionary programs that were written on the chromosomes in the form of "archived texts".

b) Full-scale operation in the information system of the human body "awakened" in a manner an evolutionary programs, through regulation of gene transfer in the body of hormones and other neurotransmitters, begins to effectively influence the different characteristics of the essential behavior of this man, and as a result - significantly improve the quality of accumulating them in the future the essential codes.

c) Permanent and long-term impact on the genome of different (like "good" and "bad") the essential codes leads (including - epigenetically) to induction of some (positive or negative) genomic, chromosomal and gene mutations (alleles).

d) Thus, in the scheme of hormone-genomic interaction starts a mechanism of positive feedback essentially-inform communication: "good" essential coding helps to activation of genomic DNA and induction the positive mutations (alleles) in genome, while activation of genomic DNA and positive genomic, chromosomal and gene mutations (alleles), in turn, contribute to further improvement of the essential character sets, and so on. In the case of "bad" core codes of all the positive points in this scheme are replaced by negative ones.

13. In the ECT evolutionary-ethical context, essential genomic code, inter alia, to perform also a very important socio-cultural functions, ultimately related to building and strengthening at the gene level of the moral behaviors that are characteristic of members of a long-term civilization community.

14. Primary hormonal codes can also provide a significant impact on a purely physiological status of a person, since codes bearing neuropeptides as well as other hormones and neurotransmitters using the DNA-binding domain of its specific receptors interact with the genomic DNA of the human body various organs and tissues cells, producing in them this or that (as a rule - quite significant) changes: "good" hormonal encodings can, in particular, a favorable effect on the immune system, significantly strengthening it, and "bad" character sets, up to dangerous "hormonal mutations", can disrupt the normal functioning of the human body various organs and tissues cells genetic apparatus, in certain situations, provoking the development of these cancer process and other serious pathologies with simultaneous weakening of the immune response.

All these issues are handled by discipline called psychoneuroendocrinoimmunology (PNEI), according to which the immune, nervous and endocrine systems that support the information in the body homeostasis (balance), if necessary, compensating and signal modulating effect of each other. For example, one of the managers of the endocrine glands of the brain, the pineal gland or epiphysis, has immune modulatory effects by stimulating the production of endogenous opioids - mediators of the physiological function of stress, while the peptide extract of pineal gland stimulate cellular immunity, and the pineal gland hormone melatonin was not only a suppressor function of sexual glands, but also an activator of antioxidant systems of the body, stimulating its antitumor immunity: the ability of melatonin to stimulate the activity of T-lymphocytes and antibody synthesis, that is precisely the function of the immune system (eg, thymus), which weaken in old age.

On very closely the immune and endocrine systems of the body seen in a very fact that a key organ of the immune system, along with the bone marrow, is precisely the thymus, which combines a central role in immunegenesis and important endocrine functions, including production of various hormones as one of the endocrine glands of the body - the thymus gland.

It was established that the immune system through cytokines and specific antibodies can directionally regulate the function of the nervous and endocrine systems, and vice versa - their own immune cells regulated by hormones and neurotransmitters.

Open the phenomenon of neurosecretion, when the same cells are also producers of hormones and other elements of the nerve centers. Discovered neurotransmitter function of a number of hormones.

Found structural and functional similarity of a number of hormones with cytokines, interferons and/or antibodies. Shown that hormones, neurotransmitters and their receptors are included, together with antibodies and antigenic receptors of lymphocytes in a network of idiotype-anti-idiotypic interactions in which signals the neuroendocrine nature can be copied in the form of their immunological imagery.

Lymphocytes characterized by neuroendocrine function, in particular, the ability to allocate some pituitary hormones and their immunological copies. The immune system is regarded as a touch, providing a sense of antigenicity and possesses immunological memory for images. Its products (antibodies and cytokines) influence on the hypothalamus and other departments of the central nervous system, causing changes in neuroendocrine status, behavior and mentality.

15. Circulatory system of the human organism delivers a hormonal substratum with primary encoded in its essential information also in the human brain, where this information is subject to secondary treatment by consciously-intuitive (rational-emotional, R-E) neuroprocessing, localized in interband space of functionally asymmetric cerebral hemispheres.

At the same time all the necessary encoding of incoming information during neuroprocessing provides epiphysis with its silicon "brain sand".

16. Some of the coded information is transmitted to the brain via kod-bearing nerve impulses and wave method.

Along with the hormonal, at the neuroprocessing treatment of essential information may have a significant impact also three other factors: neural-dynamic, behavioral-expressive and verbal, since a number of neuropeptides (eg, TRH) are effective only if accompanied by a verbal, that is the word most actively contributes to creating the necessary conditions for the transfer of the information package, contained in a speech to the information code hormone.

All these factors caused the general level of intellectual development of man, and binary action of hormones as the determinants of Conscience a good correlation with the practice of everyday life of society, where ethical motivation is also provided on one side - the presence in each person genetically predetermined control system for the implementation of The Law of Conscience (Inner Censor, Superego), and on the other hand - the availability of information for every civilized man written and oral instructions emanating from the various moral authority, spiritual teachings, religious doctrines, moral codes...

17. Neuroprocessing occurs continuously in the "basic" mode of functioning of the brain, not stopping (often even activate) during sleep and uses for their needs most (from 60 to 80%) of all energy used by the brain.

18. Effectiveness neuroprocessing depends on the state of a "default" network of neurons of the cerebral cortex and levels of development (including capacity) his corpus callosum, responsible for the exchange of information between the right and left hemispheres. In this case, the quality of work on the "default" network of neurons of the cerebral cortex and corpus callosum depends on the level of cultural development rights.

19. In neuroprocessing actively involved regions of the brain participating in emotional evaluation of ethical behavior: the hippocampus, some areas of the thalamus, orbitofrontal cortex, the lower temporal gyrus and right temporo-parietal junction. The quality of the functioning of all these regions depends on the level of spiritual development of man.

Significant role in neuroprocessing is the degree of inhibition of the cortex of the parietal lobe of the brain, due to the degree of openness of human consciousness various influences from the EDF.

20. Neuroprocessing treatment of essential information, except the second-activation functions, carries out simultaneously the important corrective functions, including - in the form of forced induction of remorse, thereby giving the person an opportunity to realize many of its essential shortcomings, and - for the present not too late - them to fix.

From the purely scientific (neurophysiological) standpoint, such correction due to the fact that the basic structures of the brain also relates to the specific essential apparatus, consisting of a "matrix of essential standards" and associated with "essential error detector", which gives the no sanctions for any behavioral patterns and thoughts, nasty essential installations brain.

And the chronic violation of these basic neurophysiological systems leads to various diseases, physical death, or worse - to the need for very severe posthumous mining.

21. Current the essential information about the person at any given time consists of a full set of secondary activated at this time of hormonal codes, which for some reason could not be corrected during neuroprocessing treatment in the brain.

22. The essential information virtualized occurs under the scheme described in the Hameroff - Penrose Quantum Neurocomputation Theory, according to which brain activity is transformed into a virtual state on the basis of an orchestrated selection of space-time continuum, where he performs brain in this process as the interface to implement the transition from biosubstance to metacyberstructures, associated with the Field of Consciousness.

23. If exobiological control of vital activity taking-transmitting antennas role is fulfilled the liquid crystals from human genome, creating of its dynamically changing topology a continuum of holograms and holographic gratings. Such control is possible precisely, because virtually all elements of the genetic apparatus - it is an optically active structure, rotating the plane of polarized light, which means having a torsion-field attributiveness. On the other hand, the role of "antenna" for exo-psychological control at the stage of the essential R-E performs upper appendage of the brain - the pineal gland or epiphysis, which transmits and receives outside external information flows, recognize them and carefully analyzes. Then, this control information comes to the hypothalam-pituitary and other departments of the neuroendocrine system of the organism, and there is already realized form (through activated hormonal codes) is transferred to back of the human wave-genome, thus closing the full Essentially-Information Cycle.

24. Finally processed (structured according to qualitative parameters, properly corrected and virtualization) essential information about the gone with the physical plane human essence through the fields of information received be deposited in the specially selected for her cell in Evolutionary Database, where of the its total content at the time of death of the physical shell of rights is a summary of the essential matrix codes rights, called in the ECT "Applicant’s Essential Code" (AEC), which is correlated with its "Code of Spiritual Rank" (CSR).

25. In relation to the harmless, but evolutionarily little value AEC, depending on the overall rigor of the evolutionary balance of the Applicant, from the EDF can be used soft eniocorrection, "painless involutory processing" or full and final "involutional disposal".

26. In relation to all malware AEC from EDF are different, including very hard and painful, enioprison measures associated with the need to valeosanitation - the destruction they contain dangerous "karma viruses".

27. In the event that AEC (CSR) is sufficiently evolutionarily valuable and meaningful, it is organically (according to the principle of hierarchy-organismic process) integrated into the essential content of the Creating Center (Evolutionary - Hierarchical Instance of the higher level authority), thereby acquiring the status of the Applicant for an Access Code in the essential area of Immortality, giving Applicant the right and opportunity to preserve their the essential foundation and continue its further improvement at higher levels of evolutionary development.

Thus, all the essential (due to evolutionary ethics) information about a person can, in terms of ECT, regarded as the anthropic component of an Universal Energy-Information Exchange, as the foundation of modern Evolutionistic and Ecosofic.
Described in the ECT and afforded by the EDF a System of Essential Control based on the highest Enio-Evolutionary technologies, allowing EDF with utmost precision and speed to recognize in the everyone Channel-Algorithm of Conscience even the subtle essential dynamics.
The provisions of the ECT are confirmed not only in the field of medicine and science, but also an alternate history, metaphysics, theology, philosophy, psychology, while having a clear correlates of ethical semiotics, according to which the essence of the person - is probabilistically defined manifestation of the semantic field, in the attractant environment of which such, for example, essentially-ethical qualities as "honor", "dignity", "justice" realized due to the ability of evolutionarily mature person spontaneously generate in morally critical situations nontrivial "semantic filters" that allow it to retain its essential personality and thus give a chance to gain essential immortality.
As we have already talked about this, in the context of the ECT in the new worldview level approved by the ethics of creative evolutionary ascension (sublimation) to the Image and Likeness of God. But, since that particular tool, which is able to update this transcendent Image of the and give adequate representation is the artistic imagination and the imagination of outstanding art, then as a powerful culture-transformation factor having an ontological status, transcendental-informational nature and attractive-character attributes in the context of the ECT the adequacy of the gains also Aesthetics, representing in this perspective the soteriologically updated concept of the Philosophy of Art, where the aesthetic synergistically interacts with the ethical.
For deep conviction of its author, the ECT (having attributes of universal ethical teaching of scientific and spiritual antropokosmologic doctrine) should be considered as the only valid means by which humanity is intended to create the first in its history, science-based epistemology in the sphere of doctrinal ethics - the very epistemology, whose status will allow her to also claim the role of adequate Ethical Basis (The Institute for Conscience) in the holistic context of the III-rd Millennium's New Worldview Paradigm.

Work on the ECT began in 1988, with the advent of article A.I. Belkin and
A.I. Rakitovo "Hormones in the information structure of Man."
Basic principles of ECT formulated in 1991, and in its
subsequent editions ECT were openly available to
the public free review in the Internet.


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