Essence Coding Theory (ECT), whose author is Aram Enfi, seems to me a very deep, daring and unusual.
       Medical and natural science research and development, motivated by such a wide and genuine philosophical and ideological interest, is now extremely rare.
       In the context of the ECT carefully mapped, codified and consolidated the provisions of the various areas of cognitive activity: medicine, physiology, various natural sciences, philosophy, psychology, sociology, semiotics, linguistics, arts, etc.; ethics in such a comprehensive analytical treatment of naturally differentiated by the strict evolutionary criteria, allowing an opportunity to the scientific study of the mechanisms of its ontological actualised the formation and evolutionary impact on the overall condition of all spiritual and cultural space of modern society.
       ECT organically combines natural science and metaphysics: such fundamental ethical and theological concepts like "religion", "conscience", "the immortal soul of man" and so gain a meaningful in the ECT's context scientific sounding; ECT shows a fully objective character of all these phenomena and therefore introduces such "unscientific" category in the research field of empirical science, clearly indicating that their physical (physiological) substrate, which was considered so far not scientifically defined and knowable.



       The effect on the ethical conduct of human hormones, especially neuropeptides (such as oxytocin and vasopressin) and the existence of conventional (amino acids) hormonal codes, which, in particular, can induce cancer pathology (what, in relation to certain socially and ethically significant situations, very convincingly explained precisely from positions of the ECT), medicine has been known for a long time; and in 1989 professor Aron Isaakovich Belkin hypothesized that hormones may also have specific codes, occasioning a psycho-behavioral motivation of people.
       But never in the scientific world not show the reverse phenomenon - the influence of ethical behavior in the structuring and subsequent activation of hormonal code top-level, much less anybody has never done any research on the experimental verification of these codes.
       Innovation is pronounced synergistic approach Aram Enfi manifested in the fact that the scientific truth of its author's ideas about the existence of hormonal codes that adequately reflect the ethical behavior of people, quite reliably confirmed by the totality of one is only collected by the author of the mind-visible nature of the evidence.
       And although this evidence base can be attributed primarily to a philosophical and ideological sphere, but precisely because of exceptional integrity and predictability of such evidence base, ECT as time and deserves the attention also of the disciplines is quite empirical, the most important and key of which aspect of the ECT are psychoendocrinology, molecular biology and neurophysiology.



       Of course, the doctrine of the ECT is not yet strictly scientific concept, but only a heuristic and largely metascientific hypothesis which needs further empirical testing, the success of which, at its originally-specified (psychoendocrinologyc) finished the stage in Federal (All-Russia) Scientific Center of the Psychoendocrinology during his lifetime professor A. I. Belkin.
       But now it may be advisable to move on to the stage of research of molecular biology, which, of course, is largely a problem of organizational and economic, associated with the need to create the most advanced to date scientific and experimental base and, accordingly, provide a sufficiently serious funding.
       For the alleged laboratory Aram Enfi already developed their own unique author's technique and technology. In addition, he has established cooperation with a group of leading Russian scientists, who, being engaged in developments in the field of quantum genetics and other promising areas of molecular biology, use in their scientific and experimental activities of their own innovative techniques based on the latest ideas about the various subtle mechanisms of distant-information-wave interactions, landmark modern linguistic apparatus of genetics, semiotic matrices (including fractal-quasi-speech and musical- light-acoustic) in the topology of the chromosome continuum, viewed as a DNA-biocomputers having a holographic memory, etc.
       In this regard, perceived scientific impact of the planned innovative molecular biological studies on ECT seems to me quite predictable and probable.

S. N. Matevosyan, Ph.D., M.D., Dr. Sci., Director of
Moscow Municipal Center Of Psychoneuroendocrinology,
Scientific Director of the Russian Psychoanalytical Society,
Head and Professor of the Department of Psychiatry
at the State Classical Maimonides Academy

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