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"When it becomes clear what is true morality,
it becomes clear and everything else."


"The only meaning of life - improvement his immortal foundations...
All other forms of activities are meaningless in itself,
in connection with the inevitability of death."

Leo Tolstoy

"Further development of humankind depends not
on the level of its technical achievements, but
on the strength of its ethical foundations."

Albert Einstein

"Night of the transitional period starts to fall on us, with its
nightmares, frightening shadows, heart-rending horrors.
Beyond, however, the differences dawn of a new great ideational
culture, welcoming a new generation - the people of the future...
Scope of future science - the science of noosphere century -
should be expanded to include themselves in the
form or another, many rejected and not accepted now
"Underground", marginal, esoteric directions, often
intersecting with the religious and idealistic doctrines.."

Pitirim A. Sorokin

"Through Russia comes the hope of the world. Not in respect to what is
sometimes termed Communism or Bolshevism - no! But freedom -
freedom! That each man will live for his fellow man. The principle
has been born there. It will take years for it to be crystallized;
yet out of Russia comes again the hope of the world…."

Edgar Cayce, c. 1944, No. 3976-29

Declared Project aims to return the central and most important for the proper evolution of society ethical-philosophical, theological, sociological and psychological categories of "Conscience" its originally-ontological significance and its true existential meaning, which is currently highly distorted, that has become an insurmountable obstacle and the sharp brake on Progress and Evolution of all humankind, causing its inevitable ethical degradation in the absence of modern society of proper essentially-axiological orientations of higher order and, as a consequence, increasingly worsening of general civilization (geo-political, confessional, ethnocultural...) confrontation, occurring at a very troubled background of inevitably looming on humanity and host a truly global scale humanitarian-noosphere (geophysical, ecological, climatic, cosmological, pathogenetic ...) catastrophe, living witness the first menacing signs and steadily increase manifestations of which we are with you already today.

Driven by a sense of huge evolutionary responsibility for the fate of Terrestrial Civilization, the initiators of this Project proceed from the indisputable fact, that provide humanity completely objective, that is enough durable, reliable and in many ways even scientifically verifiable, rather than any subjective-metaphorical and amorphous-illusory evidence of the existence in the world of Divine Justice and the Supreme Court of Ethics in modern socio realities able to precisely only ESSENCE CODING THEORY (ECT), which alone can only give people today a truly effective and fully realized incentives for their evolutionarily meaningful, spiritually mature, so - a truly moral conduct.

Having as its firm support is very solid foundation for the millennia of scientific, spiritual, religious, cultural and historical experience of mankind, this innovative project aims to realize in practice the greatest ideas and most noble ideals of the largest spiritual teachers and the most advanced evolutionary scientists ages 19-20 centuries, including Russian - N.F. Fedorov, V.S. Soloviev, N.A. Berdyaev, S.N. Bulgakov, H.P. Blavatsky, V.A. Shmakov, V.I. Vernadsky, G.I. Gurdjieff, N.K & H.I. Roerich, K.E. Tsiolkovsky, P.A. Florensky, A.L Chizhevsky, M.M. Bakhtin, L.S. Vygotsky, A.F. Losev, P.A. Sorokin, V.V. Nalimov and many other prominent representatives of the Great Russian Metaculture that today, more than any other, clearly and convincingly demonstrates the worldwide drive of their highest in nuchno and spiritual enlightenment, which, like no other, clearly and convincingly demonstrates today the world its highest drive of a field of scientific and spiritual enlightenment, what appears to be particularly significant at the sharply contrasting background of common rapid devaluation of the most institutionally legitimated by traditional values.


Moreover, in the broadest metascientific context and completely scientific content of ECT all revolutionary discoveries and most progressive developments of recent decades in the field of medicine, physiology and other natural sciences, priority and achievement in the development of many of which (intrinsic psychoneuroendocrinology and psychoneuroimmunology, regenerative surgery, eniology, valueology, bioinformatics, wave genetics, theory of physical vacuum and torsion fields) belong to modern Russian scientists, have been carefully compared, systematized and consolidated.

The author’s extensive research investigations in the field of philosophy, theology, psychology, sociology, political science, cultural science, economics, law, semiotics, art studies, linguistics, parapsychology, traditional and alternative history, cerealogy also played important role in creation of the ECT...

The Project is unprecedented the depth and magnitude of its potential impact on the further development of the entire Human Civilization, the breadth of its interdisciplinary breadth of coverage and uniqueness of the conceptual methodology, which is based on the revolutionary ideas of the ECT:

- different ethical features and specifications in the history of mankind has never been divided into levels, according to the strict evolutionarily's value criteria and attributes. That is what made ​​it possible to deduce and consistently articulate the in the context of ECT "Passionary-Evolutionary Ethics" concept, which later became the cornerstone of the of the New ethical teaching, though capacious concept defined by this highest form of ethics as such under any known religious systems or ethical-philosophical doctrines hitherto under scrutiny was not;

- the notion of "Conscience" in her native theological interpretation of nowhere and has not been considered in its primary energy-information? ie, in principle, scientifically verifiable attributiveness;

- although the influence of hormones and neurotransmitters in the ethical conduct of human science has been known for quite some time, but no scientist in the world has never talked about the phenomenon of reverse order - the influence of ethical human behavior in specific structuring (coding) his hormones and neurotransmitters;

- nothing has ever been said in the scientific world about the essential level of hormonal and genomic codes, and even more so never conducted research on the scientific verification of such codes.

In the phased-mounting evolutionary mode this Project should be expansively developed and implemented on the following three main areas:

- humanitarian - research;

- natural science - research;

- organization (education and peacemaking).

During the upcoming research will use the unique author's methods and technology: engineering-physicai, medical-psychological, bioinformation, molecularbiological, extrasensory, art-humanitarian...

The ultimate goal of this Project is creation of a Universal, common for all mankind Institute of Conscience, which, properly corresponding the level of the 3-rd Millennium’s human consciousness and worldview, quite adequately to modern realities maintained on the Earth true Great Ideals of Humanism, Justice, Spiritual Culture and the New Passionary-Evolutionary Ethics.


This new Institute of conscience intended to replace all the now exist-ing in the world of faith-based organizations, resulting in the separation of believers stop people on the "us and them" and will put an end to their mindless opposition on the grounds of any fundamentalist dogmatic contradictions, which in turn, prevent the commission of a constant threat in the various countries of the world and of the terrible terrorist attacks there bloody religious and ethnic wars.

All this happens because on the basis of ideas ECT every sane person will understand finally that the formation of the matrix of the essential codes potentially energy-eternal substance which, in the terminology of ancient and modern anthropocosmological doctrines (which is what also all existing religions), recognized entitled "Immortal Soul Man", is independent of the formal religious person and caused only a general set of the qualitative advantages that characterize existentially meaningful patterns his Passionary-evolutionary ethics.

The first in the history of mankind scientifically sound ethical epistemology will be formed and will slowly but steadily penetrate into the general education system of all countries, inevitably transformed over time into the most important and key pedagogical discipline.

Such new evolutionary science, as "ethical eniology", "eniological thanatology", "thanatoethics", "enioethics" ect will be dynamically developed.

This will create a truly innovative scientific-spiritual institutions of the New Times, whose activities are most appropriately respond to the formidable challenges of the 3-rd Millennium INSTITUTE OF LINGUISTICS/WAVE (QUANTUM) GENETICS, INSTITUTE OF PHYSICAL VACUUM, INSTITUTE FOR SOCIAL ORIENTED INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, ART-HUMANITARIAN CENTER, GENETIC-SPIRITUAL REHABILITATION CENTER ect.

The proper functioning of such institutions is to ensure a modern society and also a powerful breakthrough to a new - is incomparably higher and more environmentally friendly - the level of development of all its scientific, technological, economic, social, cultural, educational, legal and political institutions. And the highest priority goal and supreme sense the operation of such institutions should be recognized to ensure the most favorable conditions for the true and full of spiritual development of the people, that is just for "the improvement of their immortal basis."

Governance system should be based on the Synarchy, which alone fully reflect the sacred and immaculate order metaphysical Genesis device, allowing the principles implemented not bankrupt today "democracy", but the highest form of meritocracy, where decisions on all the most momentous issues in human society tolerate people with the highest spiritual rank.
Adequate implementation of such a truly intelligent and action-but-fair system of governance should be ensured with the help of modern information technologies effectively, fair (sinarho-meritocratic) system of direct democracy should be legally controlled in him by the popularly elected and the time (on a flexible rating basis) rotated Protection Council - completely independent of any overbearing, party and religious structures, devoid of any kind economic and political power, but having the right to make quick and peremptorily impeached top officials of the State Constitutional Authority, formed exclusively from among the most outstanding, decent and authoritative (professionally meaningful, spiritually mature and morally irreproachable) intellectuals, components the Conscience of the Nation.

The Project is long term, since its target audience - all mankind, and in the course of implementation of this Project should occur a powerful leap and cardinal coup in the consciousnes of the most advanced representatives of our Civilization.

And ultimately, our Terrestrial Civilization will undergo true Ideological Revolution: people will understand, finally, real place in The Cosmonaut Evolutionary Process and realize their Full Evolutionary Accountability to Universality and Objectivity Law Of Conscience, which, under way or another name (Torah, Dharma, Tao, Ahkam...), just represents a common core of all currently existing the world's traditional religions, alas, is still "separately" (in anachronic and irreconcilably antagonistic polytheism) professed of contemporary mankind.

Based on the foregoing, it can be clear concluded, that selfless service to the evolution associated with future extremely deep and careful refinement, active dissemination, full promotion and broad publicize worldwide of NEW, UNIVERSAL TO ALL MANKIND SCIENTIFIC-SPIRITUAL ETHICAL TEACHING, based on doctrinal principles of the ECT, now needs to become a Matter Of Honor and Dignity for all people of Good Will, their most important Evolutionary Duty and, of course - their Extreme Historical and Civilizational Mission, implementation of which, certainly, will be rewarded handsomely and directly to themselves, and will be appreciated by all future generations of earthlings!


A.Enfi. Essence Coding Theory (The Foreword & The Summary).

A. Enfi. Essence Coding Theory as The Ethical Basis of the III - rd Millennium's World Outlook Paradigm.

A. Enfi. Psychoneuroendocrinological aspects of the ECT (Comments to article of professor A.I.Belkin "Hormones and unconscious").

A. Enfi. Psychoneuroimmunological aspects of the ECT (Comments on the article by Professor V.S.Rothenberg, "psychoneuroimmunology - a new aspect of an old problem")

A. Enfi. Essence Coding Theory in light of the basic philosophical, psychological and sociological concepts (a series of articles).

A. Enfi. Medical and natural science aspects of the ECT (Review of scientific materials).

A. Enfi. Spiritual brain function in aspects of The Essence Coding Theory.

A. Enfi. Essence Coding Theory in light of the Quantum Genetics.

P. Gariaev, A. Enfi. Ethics, Spirituality... Oncology, Hiv (A new look at the problem of Cancer and HIV infection in the light of Wave Genetics and Essence Coding Theory by the material of Russian socio-cultural realities).

The Scientific Opinion on the Essence Coding Theory

To Government, Party, Religious, Creative and Public Figures, Non-Governmental Organizations, Charity Foundation, Private Investors, Sponsors, Patrons, to All Progressive People

From a Group to Establish an International Art-Humanitarian Center

The Chalice of Peace and Knowledge in The Mysteries of Ararat and The Holy Spear

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